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The biggest mistake home owners make

The biggest mistake home owners make

It is easy to avoid, but equally easy to be culpable in making the biggest mistake. We all get comfortable and dislike change. And maybe we are all just a little bit lazy. Avoiding maintenance and updating your home will affect the value of your home more than anything else.

Sure you can sell it. But how much value are you leaving on the table because you didn't make some easy to do maintenance.

When you bought your home, you probably had  a home inspection. You thought that was so you could negotiate the price a little more maybe. But, some of the best home inspections I have seen, layout the maintenance issues that are going to need to be addressed over the next year, 3 years, 5 years and longer.

These can be simple, cleaning gutters out, making sure landscaping does not get too close to the house, so trimming trees and shrubs back for example. Maybe it is even making sure you replace light bulbs, and placing covers on open junction boxes. Keeping an eye on the traps under sinks, replacing hoses on washing and dish washing machines. Replacing the filters for your air conditioner can keep your carpets cleaner longer. When did you last clean your carpets for example?

Keeping a list of serial numbers for your appliances and checking them for recalls can also help save you a lot of heartache. It is easy to do and takes just a few minutes once a year to make sure your appliance has not been recalled for a safety issue, like bursting into flames, or leaking water.

But maintenance also includes updating, paint not just on interiors but around windows, caulking baths, showers, doors and windows as well. New toilets, toilet seats and covers, tile, cabinets and carpets.

We ask for feedback from agents and their clients on homes we list. Often the comment includes, dated, and whilst we try to advise clients on price in relation to condition an owner often does not see their home through the eyes of a buyer. These sellers are leaving money on the table when it comes to selling their home and wouldn't it have been better to make the changes whilst they live in the home, and enjoyed a fresh coat of paint, a newer kitchen or bathroom. 

Because you know if they are selling, they are not putting in the best materials, just the bare minimum needed. 

So, the biggest mistake a homeowner makes is putting off maintenance and upgrading their home whilst they live in it. Don't make this mistake, and you will be putting dollars in your pocket when you come to sell.

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