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6 Things to do to sell your Tredyffrin Easttown home

We still have the threat of snow, and usually we get one big storm in March if past history can be relied upon. But we are seeing For Sale signs popping up all over the Tredyffrin Easttown school district. 

Because of the lack of inventory that the market has been suffering there is a pent up demand with many buyers ready to make offers. So if priced right and the homes are in good condition these For Sale signs are quickly followed by Sold signs.

So what do you need to do to prepare if you have waited till now to decide to list your home.

It depends, no it really does, on what type of home you have and what price point it will fall into. Whilst the scenario above is true for those homes priced anywhere from $150,000, yes we do have condos and apartment homes in Tredyffrin Easttown as well as single family and town homes priced up to $750,000. Above this price point the market has been a little more flush with inventory and the market is a little slower.

Also, is your house newer or older?

1) I find for older homes having a pre-listing home inspection a good idea because it allows you to discover anything now before you list which might derail a potential sale. Buyers become wary of homes that sell right away then come back on the market believing rightly or wrongly that something serious must be wrong. So remove this issue by finding out up front what needs to be done to correct any issues. 

We have some connections that will allow any contracting work done to be paid for at settlement so you don't even have to lay out any money up front if anything significant is required.

2) Second, you will need to organize and declutter the house. Try to put yourself in the buyers shoes and see the house as they will see it. They want spacious, light filled rooms, so reducing clutter allows the rooms to be seen in the best light.

3) After organizing and decluttering get the house cleaned, buyers do not like houses that look or feel dirty. Get the carpets cleaned, clean the wainscoting and the heating registers, air the house to get rid of any stale winter smells. 

4) Stage each room so the buyers can understand how to sue the room.

5) Don't forget about the outside of the house, that is what your buyers see first and will form their first impression. Get the landscaping looking as good as you can, plant some flowers and mulch the beds, and please get rid of the weeds in the path to the front door.

6) Price it right, yes there has been an inventory shortage and prices have risen, but be realistic, listen to an agent with experience of your market who sees lots of houses every week. Do you want your house to sell or just be inconvenienced with multiple showings and used as a comparitive house for the homes selling.

Sold by Nick VandekarBuyers need to see the value, in the price, in the space, and in the cleanliness of the house. They will be comparing it to every house they have seen and missed out on. Present it in the best light and you will have a successful sale going all the way through to closing.

If you want help getting your home sold from a Tredyffrin Easttown Realtor call Nick Vandekar, Selling The Main Line with Long & Foster Real Estate Inc., office 610-225-7400, cell or text 610-203-4543, email, website Nick with his wife Trudy can advise you on getting your home ready, provide you with contractors who can help and will stay in contact with you throughout the process. 


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