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Blogging is my prospecting

Blogging is my prospecting

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Along time ago I read a post or article where Teresa Boardman was interviewed. She being then known for her blogging about St Paul Real Estate and ahead of the curve, the reason for the interview, expressed how blogging was for her, prospecting. 

I hate cold calling, I am not a great fan of phone calls full stop. So this resonated with me, I thought I can do that. So my blogging began. I got on Active Rain back in 2007. Of course I was not great stsarting out the gate. Over time I dropped off as I got busy, or tried using a word press site away from Active Rain because that was supposed to be better for SEO. So my points total did not soar. But while away I missed the friendship here on Active Rain and so came back.

Like anything, over time we improve. As we read posts by Ambassadors about commenting, writing posts, etc I have learnt to do better.

Bob Stewart encourages us to build niches and how to do it. There used to be Active Rain camps, and meet ups alongside.

I always remember when that first call came in about a development near me which I had written about. I was knee deep in yard work, sweating away. I picked up the phone and had a lovely conversation with this gentleman who was reading my post and though I knew what I was writing about.

"So, could we meet."

"Of course, when."

"Now he says."

"Can you give me an hour," I answered thinking he did not want to see me as I was right then.

Meeting set up, we meet at my office, go over what they are looking for and they mention they also need to sell their home as well. We set up a second appointment to look at some houses and eventually found them a home in the development they wanted. That  flowed into meeting at their home and listing that for sale, selling it in 3 days.

I sat there and thought, this blogging thing really works. Did it happen overnight? No.

Did I get another wonderful lead immediately following? No.

But over the years when people say they found me on the Internet, later in conversation it comes out they have seen a post or read something on my website or usually they don't know where they found you because it was after multiple clicks.

Today, I am writing more often, commenting more often, frustrated when work leaves me little or no time to post and so miss a day here or there. But I am getting better and realize my prospecting is my blogging and I like it just like that! I can use social media linking to my posts, I can include my You Tube videos, and post those or include them in posts as well. 

It all works together and it all helps prospects to find us. It makes this prospecting fun,much more so than picking up a phone to call someone I don't know.

So if you are interested in Tredyffrin Easttown real estate, buying or selling, then contact me, Nick@VandekarTeam, office 610-225-7400, cell or text 610-203-4543 and let's meet and see if I am a good fit to help you acheive your real estate goals. We help luxury home owners, first time buyers, those moving because of a life change and many others.


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