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Living life at full throttle

Sometimes you just have to put the throttle open and enjoy life.

Loved this quote we saw Saturday on our quick trip.

 quote by disraeli


 Not sure if you will be able to tell where we were, but there are lots of clues in these photos...

We had an early brunch, well snack 


then we walked around this market and saw some American Raspberries and blackberries, same as we have at home in our local stores Driscolls, they get everywhere

Driscolls berries

but that was not the only food offered on the market we were close to the sea so expected to see this

fish stall

We did a lot of walking, but if you had a bike you had to park it somewhere

park your bike

And when the market is shutting down you might not expect to see one or two of these

Market day shopper

Have you worked it out yet...these will probably give it away:

street view

those steps are really worn, must be pretty old

Worn step

We didn't stop in but we walked on by...

All that walking worked up an appetite, but we found a great place to stop, sit outside watch people and have a great meal

Fish and chips

Have you worked out where we seized the day...leave a comment below

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