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Are you ready to move?

Moving home always seems to be a stressful decision whatever time in our lives we make the decision for several reasons. But as we age, or if we have remained in a home for a long time much of the worry seems to be what to do with all the stuff.

It is not easy but the there are some simple methods to reduce if not remove the stress this "stuff" brings with it so you can be ready when it is time to move.

First you need to break the whole move down into manageable parts so it is not overwhelming. To begin with sort out what you have. If you have collections or antiques are you going to take these with you, give them to children, donate them to a museum or simply try to sell them? Do you have  a catalog of these pieces and receipts for these items as well. If so this all needs to be organized, if it is not already, so that a plan can be implemented with what to do with each piece and so the pieces can be adequately insured. These are all small decisions. If selling you also need to know where you will sell what you have, some pieces can be sold at local auctions but better pieces may demand higher prices and therefore a better return for you by being sent to a major auction house in New York or elsewhere. If you need advice in this area please contact me as with my background in antiques both as a dealer and in auctions I can offer advice.

Secondly, the things you have held onto for years that are not worth anything and have no emotional value either, need to be disposed of. This can be done in several ways, from the simple dumpster, to calling someone who may see some value in it to take it away.

You need to decide what furniture you need in your new home, maybe you have large pieces and your new home will not hold such large pieces, maybe you just have too many pieces of furniture, again you need to decide what you will do with these. There are many charities that will give you tax receipts for unwanted furniture that will help others who are just starting out.

Are you going to use a mover or are freinds and family helping you? If using a mover get some reccomendations and ask for estimates. Many companies will estimate over the phone without coming to see what needs to done, avoid these, you need a representative to come and see what needs moving so you get an accurate price without surprises on moving day. Make sure all boxes are labeled, good moving companies will do this, but add your own labels if needed. Unmarked boxes often get left unpacked.

Obtain adequate insurance coverage for your pieces, if you have antiques check with your home owner policy or agent to make sure you are covered for a move so you dont end up with a problem later.

If you have questions, or need advice feel free to contact me at I have several contacts in move management services as well who can help with the whole process.

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