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What's in a mattress?

Maybe if it would have money under the mattress that would be great, but no. Not in our house anyway.  

We are on our second mattress in as many years. First all it was Nick's idea to change it. The old one was indeed just that, old, but I guess he wanted to spend his money on something. So we get this huge thick pillow top from Costco. Oh it was a dream, soooo soft, so high, so pillowy. After about 9 months or so sleeping on this thing, I start to get back pain. My lower back. Not so bad at first, more of an ache.

Anyway since this is not a medical journal I won't bore you with the details. After a year I decide this mattress is trouble. I want a firm one. Something you don't sink into. A foam one, more like a European one on slats not a boxspring. So off we go to IKEA. We get the the firmest one they make, but not latex. Lo and behold after sleeping on the Sultan Fjordgard for a few weeks my back pain disappears completely.

But guess what it is back...... We've had it for about 1 1/2 year now. And yes it is getting a little softer, more slept-in. But I can't keep buying new beds. I have an old old dutch mattress on an old old pine bed and I have slept on that for the last 3 nights...........its VERY firm and my back is getting better. I can feel it when I got up in this morning. Stupid thing is too: I only have back pain from sleeping. As soon as I get up and move around and start getting busy, I'm fine.

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Maybe if it would have money under the mattress that would be great, but no. Not in our house anyway. We are on our second mattress in as many years. First all it was Nick's idea to change it. The old one was indeed just that, old, but I… more
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