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Solving problems is what our business is all about.

Last week just before Hurricane Irene, when I was busy making sure I got everything done in time for the storm I got an email from a contact of mine at an insurance company asking if I knew of any short term rentals in a specific area for a client of theirs who had been burned out of their home after a lightning strike. I could have chosen to stay focused on getting ready for the storm, or preparing for a settlement I had this week, but I thought what it must feel like to be living in a hotel, knowing your home was made uninhabitable and that the walls of the hotel rooms are going to seem very small very quickly.  At the moment rentals are difficult especially for single family homes as they don't last long on the market. But listings for sale are plentiful, and with winter approaching many owners who have been moved for jobs might be happy to have someone in their home over the winter.

I emailed all our local offices and had several offers of help, but one stood out head and shoulders over the others. I let my insurance contact know, and Saturday morning with the storm approaching I met this unfortunate family at the home. The house was a good size, and other than they want to move in today and the owners are out of state and have furniture in the house and need a little more time to get the home ready, it was a perfect match. Issues resolved we are in the process of putting this deal together, helping two families, one with a home that is sitting vacant and another who is sitting in a hotel unable to return home.

Today, I had two settlements, some clients who sold and settled on their new home. It is always hard to know whether you buy first then sell or sell then buy, it really depends on your level of comfort with risk. In this case my clients found a home they loved and we ended up buying a little before they were ready to put their home on the market. We set a long settlement date, rushed through getting the home ready for sale, not that there was much to do, and then set about marketing their home for sale. We had a lot of interest from the start but many of these buyers had issues that prevented them from making offers. Then after 46 days we negotiated and agreed a sale. 46 days is not long in this market, but it can seem a lifetime when you need to sell your home to buy the new home, and then to move through inspections, mortgage appraisals and all the other issues that are built in to selling and buying a home today.

Helping others is what our business is all about, obtaining mortgages, removing obstacles to closing, finding short term housing when necessary, basically thinking outside the box to solve the issues that arise in every transaction and making sure settlement is smooth and without stress.

If you need help anywhere along the Main Line, give us a call and see how we can solve your problems.

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Solving problems is what our business is all about.
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