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Don't ignore your Doctors advice

Don't ignore your Doctor's advice!

Family in grassI am in pretty good health, and take care of my self. I also have a wife who "advises" me on staying healthy. Over the last couple of years I have had several medical tests and they come back telling me I am in decent shape. Can I lose a few, okay several, pounds sure. But, internally everything looks good.

Last year I went to my Doctor for an annual physical. As usual he asked if anything was bothering me. I had a small cut on my leg that would not heal. He looked at it and said he thought it might be a tick bite and I could have Lymes Disease. I did not remember being bitten, had no usual bulls eye target rash. So, when he gave me a scrip for a Lymes test telling me to wait several weeks before having it done I duly tucked it away. Well, I felt fine, and forgot about my scrip and had not told Trudy.

I was working on a charity event and suddenly got very sick, flu like symptoms, high fever, exhausted, in bed for two days no food and just slept. Did not connect this with the Lymes diagnoses. During the year as I age my arthritis has played up, I used to play Rugby and have several bones and joints that ache with the weather. This year it has been bad, lots of pain, the joys of getting older I believe.

Amost a year later I am at another Doctor as I have an infection, he is treating me, but I don't feel better, my joints hurt, I am VERY tired. I take Trudy to my next appointment. He begins asking some questions, and after several minutes says, you may have Lymes Disease and should go back to your regular Doctor to get tested. I hang my head and admit my own Doctor thought I might have Lymes last year and had given me a test. Trudy natually turns to me and asks when I had the test done. I admit I didn't as I did not feel ill. I won't go into the details of the continuing conversation, just let's say it wasn't pretty.

exerciserAnyway, suddenly things began to make sense. So I got the test done, and learned I have Lymes Disease. Working through the anti-biotics and hoping to feel better soon. I am amazed how many people have had Lymes, and how different the symptoms can be with different people. Our area is a haven for deer ticks, and if you lead an active lifestyle, gardening, exercising, hiking, biking keep an eye open for ticks.

So, when your Doctor advises you to get a test, don't put it off. He may know what he is talking about.


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