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How many photos?

I have had a web site for a long time and one of the main features I looked for was the ability to post multiple photos. It seems odd to say that now but our own MLS has only recently allowed us to post more than six photos, now we can post twelve and still agents only post six or even less.

My buyers want to see photos, they skip properties with no photos, they ask why aren't there any photos, sometimes it is because the property has a tenant and it is hard to get in to photograph or it is messy, but some photos are better than none.

My personal bug bear is short sales with one or no photo and no description. These people are already in problems and the agent has not the courtesy to at least post multiple photos and give the home its best chance to sell. Often it is not a matter of the home being in bad repair but something else, obviously not professionalism or doing a good job for their client.

The next bug bear is snow in the middle of summer, how long does it take to go and update your photos now the sun is out. Again help your client by making their home show in its best light.

This leads me to a third point descriptions of homes that have been on the market for three months or more that state, "Won't last" or worse "Seller will review all offers by such and such a date" and is is four months past that date. Why do these sellers still have their homes listed with these clowns who do not update the descriptions.

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