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This is the beginning of a new series I decided on today as I was driving around that there are masses of places I like, that you may not have tried.  Some are restaurants and cafes, some are stores, some are just cool places like the Philadelphia Museum of Art, always worth a visit.

Today I discovered a really cool little place to eat. Gateway Shops just off the 202 and 252 supposedly Wayne but more like Devon and really close to Chesterbrook is a place I like to hang out. it has cool shops and cafes aplenty. It is one of those places that is a raging success, always busy with some anchor stores like Staples, TJMaxx and of course Trader Joe's. I was walking along and discovered this nice little place for a bite to eat.

Kabab Cafe

It does not look much, how many of the best places to eat look like that but it is clean and interesting. There are times when I want a burger, but I often fancy something a little different and I love Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. The food here is Persian with lots of different kababs of chicken, beef, lamb and vegetarian, so there is something for everyone. You can have a simple kabab with bread, a flat style Persian bread, or there are platters with rice etc. Lunch specials run till 2 PM and include a free lemonade or iced tea with your meal.

kabab cafe wayne interior

I had a chicken kabab and it was succulent and tasty, it hit the spot and although I was tempted I resisted the delicious looking pastries that were available for a dessert. Give it a try and suprise yourself. Decor is pretty basic with bright colors.

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