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Year of the Tiger Woods

2010 is the 4708 Chinese Year of the Tiger.  All of the stars were aligned properly for the Asian/American golfer Tiger Woods to make it his personal "Year of the Tiger".  He has won fourteen (14) major professional championships.  Only Jack Nicklaus, one of his idols is ahead of him with eighteen.  Three of the four 2010 major championships were to played at favorite venues of Tiger Woods...the Masters at Augusta, the US Open at Pebble Beach and the British Open at St Andrews (the PGA is at Whistling Straights).  Tiger was on track to win at least one, or more, major championships this year. 

However, 2010 turned out to be a "paper tiger" for Mr. Woods.  He is probably not coming to California for the Open (unless he warms up at Nicklaus' Memorial tournament) and the Masters appears to be out of the picture unless Elin lets Tiger come out to play in Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Classic as a warm-up. 

Tiger said in his February 19th monologue at TPC's headquarter's location to forty carefully selected friends, supporters and six hand picked press that his central focal point was his marriage, his family and his future life.  Less than a mile away at the Sawgrass Marriott the rest of the "press in attendance" watched and listened to Tiger Wood's well scripted (I hope he wrote most of it) fourteen minute comments, during which it could be said, "The lights went out."  You see there were two television feed cameras in the room.  One head on and the other to his left.  Could there have been any symbolism to the straight on camera malfunctioning and the other camera having to pick up his comments.  (You could have laid a wager at a British betting parlour that Tiger would cry during his remarks.  Now the area below his eyes was hidden.)

Probably the most incredible part of this entire situation - to date - is that ABC, CBS, and NBC stopped programming for Tiger's remarks.  What have we come to when an athlete's remarks are more important to network television that all of the cable alternatives they have created to fill air time?


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