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Shopping APR (annual percentage rate) vs Interest Rate in New Jersey

Great article here by Jeff Belonger about the difference between APR and interest rates. Worth reading and understanding if you are looking for a home and will be using a mortgage. Although this talks about New Jersey this applies to where ever you might be buying.

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APR vs Interest Rate – Shopping properly


Shopping for interest rates in New Jersey aka shopping for mortgages in New Jersey, can be confusing, especially when shopping for an interest rate and shopping for APR at the same time. The borrower needs to properly know and understand the differences. It can even be more confusing when you hear different opinions from different so-called experts.

What is most common taught or thought of? Shop interest rates. Shop and compare the APR (annual percentage rate). Shop fees.  So which is it?

Let’s define both Interest Rate and Apr. – This comes from Wikipedia -


Interest Rate“is the rate at which interest is paid by a borrower for the use of money that they borrower from a lender.”

APR“is a finance charge expressed as an annual rate.”  In simple terms, it’s the cost of your credit expressed as an annual rate.


The APR rate in New Jersey will usually be higher than your note rate, which is your interest rate. Why is this?  Because the APR includes certain fees which are calculated into the actual rate. The problem with this is that so many people tell you to use the APR as your measuring tool when shopping with other lenders. But not every lender calculates APR the same. Each lender by law is required to send you a Truth in Lending disclosure which shows you the APR.

So why can comparing one lender’s APR in New Jersey with another be misleading or incorrect?  Because some lenders can leave some fees out that aren’t mandatory. The rules are not clearly defined.  Sound confusing? It gets better. Comparing an APR of a conventional loan vs a FHA loan can be very different. The FHA Upfront Mortgage Insurance is also included in the APR as a cost, even though it’s usually added onto the loan amount. And comparing APR’s of fixed rates vs adjustables can be much different also.


So, what fees are included in the APR?

These fees are generally included :

  • Points – both origination and discount
  • Underwriting, loan processing, and document prep fees
  • commitment fee
  • attorney and or title closing fees
  • PMI (private mortgage insurance) or MIP for FHA (Mortgage insurance premium) or USDA or VA
  • Prepaid interest – Interest that is paid from the time that you close to the end of the month. The problem here is that some lenders put 1 day or 5 days down on your good faith estimate. Even if they don’t know your closing date.

Sometimes included :

  • Application fee
  • Tax related service fee

Generally not included :

  • Appraisal fee
  • Credit report fee
  • Title fee
  • Recording fees


Conclusion : What is the overall function of the APR in New Jersey? (this goes for any state) It’s supposed to measure the ‘true cost’ of the loan. Its supposes to create fairness and a level playing field amongst other lenders. In my opinion, it’s why comparing the APR could be a negative thing.

Another issue about the APR is that it’s based on the length of that mortgage. If you are applying for a 30 year mortgage, it will be based on 360 months. Keeping in mind that the average person moves out of their house in 6.7 years and/or would refinance their mortgage in 4 to 7 years. Overall, it’s extremely rare that someone would keep that same mortgage for the full length.

Keep in mind, your note rate is what is used to calculate your monthly mortgage payment, not the APR rate.


My opinion? Use the TIL (Truth in Lending) disclosure as a helpful tool to ask questions as to why it might be higher or lower than another companies’ disclosure.  How would do this? By breaking down the lenders’ true costs and compare the interest rate.  I would advise learning to shop your interest rate and mortgage properly.





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