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Names, what to do about them!

In the Real Estate business getting your clients name right is quite important, especially when completing documents. It is one of the reasons I always write clients names out and check that I have spelled it correctly with them and got any middle names as well.

I have never been a great one for remembering names, but writing them out is a great help. Recently I was contacted by a potential client who was moving from abroad and had chatted with the wife, we shall call her Barbara on the phone and put her in touch with my mortgage provider so he could start getting her pre-approved and let her know what they were going to need to bring with them when they arrived here.

One day unannounced, several months later a few days after arriving in America they were driving past my office and decided to stop off and see if I was in, as it happened I was. The lady sitting at our front desk brought them to my desk and introduced them but got the wife's name wrong calling her Julie. We sat in our conference room and I was jotting down details and automatically put her name down as Julie along with the correct name for her husband which had been correct on the introductions. It was only later after I had called her the wrong name several times, trying to cement it in to my brain for later use that she let me in on the secret and I changed it on my file. But of course now what do I remember when I see them, the wrong name all the time. 

People get my name wrong all the time, like Susan Mangigian whose post today Thankful Thursday inspired and reminded me about the problems I had with my client. It is often misspelled, inserting letters into it, replacing letters or trying to split it into parts which in Holland/Netherlands is done but my family always spelled it as one name not three. There is also a similar name in India and I am often mistaken for a different race.

My accent is also an item of interest to many, having grown up in England I don't notice it, mostly I don't hear American accents that much any more other than those from the South, but I am always being asked where I come from, my stock answer is South Philly, but it is hardly believable. I am not sure if being assigned to being Australian, South African, New Zealand and not England is because my English has become lazy or just others also find it hard to differentiate accents. Well it does not matter really as long as we can communicate clearly, once we know and can remember each others names.

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Comment balloon 4 commentsNick Vandekar, 610-203-4543 • January 26 2012 05:35PM


Trudy... you are so right.  Names are so important.  Most people like hearing their own names... as long as it is not overdone so much that it starts sounding contrived.  Writing the names down is a big help.  It really takes me a while of repeating someone's name to myself until I get it cemented into my brain.  Good post... cute story.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) over 7 years ago

In my opinion getting the names right is so very important.  I really enjoyed reading your post.  Thanks! Laura

Posted by Lori & Scott Mitchell, Breckenridge Colorado Real Estate (Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate - Breckenridge Colorado Luxury Homes) over 7 years ago

I was listening to a talk radio show and the DJ kept calling the caller Maxine, and at the end, the caller said his name was Zach Stien and he was a little boy!  The DJ thought he was talking with a woman!  But most poeple appreciate when you ask their name and how they spell it, so I'm not shy about asking that anymore.  Plus I don't want to end up like that DJ!

Posted by Francine Viola, REALTOR®, In Tune with your Real Estate Needs (Coldwell Banker Evergreen Olympic Realty, Olympia WA) over 7 years ago

Names are all important and you can't be certain how even the simplest name is spelled. My wife and I named our daughter Cristene. (Pronounced Christine). She loves it, but of course it is frequently misspelled. My avocation is as a writer. I was advised when doing a book signing to ALWAYS ask how the name is spelled no matter how simple. This past weekend I mat a lady named Judy, except that she spelled it Judi.

I agree with Francine, don't be shy about asking.

Posted by Don Hess (KW Elite Keller Williams 1280 Plaza Blvd. Lancaster, PA 17601) over 7 years ago

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