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Curb appeal that elusive quality

It is said it takes people about ten seconds to size up another person and decide if they will like and or trust them. Often when out with buyers, it can seem they make a quicker decision than that about a home you take them to see.

Walking through my own neighborhood, with many homes built at the same time and being a similar model, one home can be appealing another not so much. If you ask me what it is about a certain property that attracts or repels I can probably tell you some specific things, but many times it is how a property makes you feel and that is hard to quantify.

I asked several friends recently what they thought creates curb appeal and the responses whilst varied, were pretty consistent.

curb appeal

  • Lawn mowed
  • Flower beds edged
  • Weeds pulled
  • Pet "land mines" cleaned up
  • Front door painted a bright color
  • Flower pots with bright flowers by the front door 
  • Peeling paint scraped and freshly painted, shutters secured tightly
  • Driveway repaired and freshly seal coated 
  • Gutters cleaned
  • Downspouts attached correctly
  • Roof cleared of debris
  • Toys put away
  • Trash cans out of sight 

These are the logical things we know. The illogical feelings that cause us to like a property cannot be explained, maybe it is the colors used, the way the sun falls on the house, the trees in the yard, the shade they throw, the setting of the chairs to the side of a house on a patio or on a porch. Who knows what it is exactly, but often a home either has it or not and it does affect the price a homeowner receives for their house. 

When a buyer falls for a house, they give logical reasons, but so often it is illogical emotions that drive their reasoning. Remembering this can help you obtain maximum price for your home with the way you prepare it and stage it.

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