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Buying a home? Stop before you choose an agent to represent you?

One of the hardest and most important things for buyers is choosing a real estate agent.  Hard because you need to do a little background work. For most agents you can find recommendations or references if you do some looking around on the internet, Trulia and Zillow carry comments by past clients, check both as it is hard sometimes for agents to get clients to comment on both. Also check out the agents own website and see if they have a page, video or comments by past clients.

Ask friends, family and co-workers who they have used and why they liked them. You can also attend an open house and talk to agents there and see if you connect with anyone you meet. You will be revealing a lot of personal information to this person, so it needs to be someone you trust and like. Generally most research says we decide that within about ten seconds or so. If you are looking for an agent along the Main Line in Philadelphia you can contact me.

One of the biggest complaints people have about their agents is they do not return phone calls and I understand this is frustrating, especially when I am trying to present an offer, get confirmation an agent has received something or simply to ask a question. If you have signed a buyer agency agreement and an agent does not return your phone calls, fire them and find another agent there are plenty of us around. competition

Sometimes if you are looking online, depending when you make an inquiry it may be a little while before you get a response, not all agents are sitting by their phones waiting for a lead and we all do sleep sometimes. If you search the internet, often your inquiry will be sent to multiple agents. Leads are paid for by agents who are looking for more business, just because an agent is the first to respond does not mean they are the best agent for you. So, choose who you will work with carefully.

People often don’t understand how real estate agents work. We are all independent contractors and state law requires us all to be licensed and working at a brokerage that is also licensed, all the contracts you sign are with the broker in Pennsylvania, although in reality you are dealing with the real estate agent you have chosen. It is they who will show you property or represent you if you are selling a home. The real estate company takes a share from the commission earned by your real estate agent often depending on how long the agent has been in the business and how much business the agent does a year and it does not really sell any real estate at all.

Most real estate is advertised nationally and even internationally now through the internet and the associations many larger brokers have with companies abroad. But any state licensed agent can show homes listed by any other agent or brokerage so it does not matter which company your agent works for, they can sell you any home even those for sale by owners.

Real estate really is local and there is an advantage in working with an agent who lives and works in the community. Sellers need to understand that buyers do not look at houses for sale based on which brand is advertising them. They usually look in a particular price range or for a housing style and in the right neighborhood. It is more important for your house to have its own brand and to create a buzz about it so that the buyers chase your home, rather than your home having to chase the buyers.

For better understanding of how it all works contact me at for a free buyers guide.

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