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But the seller said...

Regardless of what a seller or buyer says during negotiations, viewings of a property or anything else relating to the sale of real property it needs to be put in writing. Our Pennsylvania standard form agreement of sale even says this within the contract.

So however nice that little old couple is, "GET IT IN WRITING".

When there is a problem, the contract is what everyone, buyers, sellers, brokers, agents and eventually attorneys and judge will look at to see what it says. If it is not in writing, you are not going to win.

So ALWAYS, get everything agreed to in writing, from the contract, through home inspections, etc. It avoids a lot of misunderstandings, including what is being left behind and what is not. Sellers often think they are being helpful, then at the walk through the buyer wants to know why all the old paint is still in the basement.

Communication is important, and while people are often good at talking, they are not always great at listening, often thinking about what they are going to say next rather than hearing what is being said. By writing everything down and everyone signing it, it avoids this problem and allows for a smooth and happy conclusion to a home purchase or sale.

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Hi Nick and Trudy

As I have always said anything verbal is not worth the paper it is not written on.

Posted by Tim Lorenz, 949 874-2247 (TIM LORENZ - Elite Home Sales Team) over 4 years ago

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